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Pelvic ring fracture (PRFs) represent 3-8% of all skeletal injuries. The annual incidence of PRFs is estimated to be 19-37 for every 100.000 inhabitants..

This type of fracture is a result of high energy injury like motor vehicle accident (MVA) or a result of low energy injury as it happens in elderly after a fall from their height.

One of the most common type of this fracture is called ‘’open book’’ which is critical for the life of the injured, so emergency action is required.

Treatment mostly depends on stability and it could be conservative or surgical followed by physio care and psychosocial support. A specialized group of orthopedic surgeons in the pelvic ring fractures are required for surgical treatment.


3 weeks post operation. Posterior part of pelvis fixed with open reduction internal fixation and anterior part of pelvis fixed with external fixation (Medical Team for the Management of Pelvic  and Acetabulum Fractures in 401 General Military Hospital of Athens-Greece)

See here some indicative cases of Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures treated by Papasotiriou Antonios, MD

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